Adult Entertainment returns to the TV via ROKU

Naughty America on Roku

Naughty America on Roku

Technology has come full circle, in the Adult Entertainment world at least.

Naughty America, a staple in the Adult Entertainment world has just launched their own Roku channel. Adult Entertainment first made it’s appearance in form of VHS tapes and if you were lucky enough to unscramble the signal, Channel 99 aka The Spice Channel back in the 90s. Eventually Adult Entertainment made it’s way to the desktop computer via the Internet, then to mobile devices with the birth of Smartphones, Tablets, and now back to the TV thanks to stream boxes.

With the TV gaining popularity again with the launch of Smart TVs, 4K Ultra HD TVs, Curved TVs, and streaming devices, the shift of content delivery coming back to the TV is rapidly growing. I caught wind of Naughty America’s Roku channel launch on, so I inquired with the author of the article, Andreas Hronopoulos, who also happens to the Founder and CEO of Naughty America. Here are some highlights from our interview:

Gadgly: Congrats on your channel launch. Technology and how content is viewed has truly gone 360; from TV to every tiny gadget under the sun, and now back to the TV. With that in mind, your company found its fame on the desktop format via the internet, now that you have made a move back towards the TV, can you tell me the positives you see in this move, and what your hopes are for future growth regarding your content on TV?

Naughty America: Naughty America was never created to be just a website. 11 years ago, it was the most suitable way to introduce our brand and the experience of our programming. Watching Naughty America is an experience that is best appreciated on a television. The introduction of OTT programming thru ROKU will bring Naughty America into the bedroom without a laptop or mobile device. 

Gadgly: Recently you launched Naughty America in 4K Ultra High Definition, do you see Roku adopting the 4K format in the near future and if so will we see a Naughty America 4K Roku channel?

Naughty America: At this time, our content is not available in 4k thru ROKU. However, as their platform evolves with developments in codec technology, this should be possible.

Gadgly: Your company seems to be on top of the latest tech trends; from desktop, to mobile, to tablet, to 4K, to Roku.. what do you see as the next emerging technology that you plan to take advantage of or already preparing for? Will we see Naughty America on a Smartwatch anytime soon?

Naughty America: If you would like to watch Naughty America on your smart watch, great. Personally, I think Star Wars deserves a fancy television. In terms of other technologies, we are actively working with other software platforms and hardware manufacturers to bring Naughty America into the bedroom. This is an exciting time for content and technology.

You can read Hronopoulos’ article on the launch in it’s entirety at Medium and learn more at the safe-for-work link

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