Don’t Count the Blu-Ray Player Out

Remember what a Blu-Ray player is? Yes, they’re still around.

In fact, Consumer Reports just tested a number of Blu-Ray players, and found that some of them are pretty well-equipped for streaming video, not to mention doing those old-fashioned analogue things, like playing DVDs and CDs, ABC7 reported.

Photo credit: ABC7

Photo credit: ABC7

Out of 19 players ranging in cost from $65 – $250, the majority of them offer the same streaming services as the latest streaming video devices do, such as Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and YouTube.

Some of the higher-end players have built-in web browsers, USB keyboard and mouse support, and even 4K resolution capabilities. But the stripped-down players still offer quality streaming, and all of the players still offer something that all those new-fangled streaming devices don’t: the ability to play a disc that provides quality viewing.

“Blu-ray discs provide simply the best possible HD picture quality you can get, without any of the buffering that you might get from Internet streaming services,” Elias Arias of Consumer reports told ABC7.

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