CBS Joins the Streaming Game, Sans Football, Though

CBS has a long, LONG way to go chasing Netflix — and nowHBO — in the streaming game, but it has made it’s first stride.

CBS All Access, as the network’s streaming service is called, will allow customers to stream their favorite network shows, such as “Big Bang Theory” and “Blue Bloods” the day after they’ve broadcast. But you’ll also be able to watch live television on the network via the source used to access CBS All Access, SlashGear reported.

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There are a few catches, though:

  • With the 6,500 on-demand episodes comes commercials
  • CBS must own the local affiliate in your area to watch the streams
  • Absolutely NO NFL football games

The pros:

  • There ARE 6,500 on-demand episodes
  • Those episodes include ol’ skool classics like “MacGyver,” “I Love Lucy,” “Cheers” and “Star Trek-The Original Series”
  • The first week is free, and after that it’s only $5.99/month


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